Skilled trades talent shortage is next crisis for Canadian businesses

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The shortage of skilled trades people is something that has been talked about for as long as I have been in my trade and I am sure, longer than that. It has  been my experience that good help is truly hard to find. and even in the beginning of my own training, it was hard to find the skilled people with trades qualifications to learn from.

In this modern age of technology and excessive screen time I find myself wondering, how much of today’s youth have any interest in working in the trades? Are kids signing up for shop class? I believe it may be time to look at new ways to appeal to high school students and high school graduates still uncertain of their career path. As 18-year-old Adrian Schut suggests in this article, co-op work terms offering hands on experience and perhaps a change in attitude in the way university is pushed on the brightest students.

As Welding business owner Brad Hollman suggests,”lead your skilled people better, and you’ll need fewer of them”. Another interesting point in filling these positions is to do so with efficiency and proper teaching.“It’s hard to find good welders. It’s easy to find a body. It’s harder to find a person who’s worth what they expect to get paid,” Hollman says.

I can say from experience that it is difficult to find trained qualified carpenters and apprentices. When my time comes as an instructor I hope to influence students to take pride in being skilled  tradespeople and to have the desire to share their knowledge and inspire others.


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This is a post meant for My About page but for whatever reason I have not had any luck posting it there!

I have been working as a Residential Carpenter since 2000 after spending years as a line cook, rafting guide and various seasonal forestry related jobs. After spending the year of 99 in New Zealand on a working holiday I had decided it was time to start an apprenticeship and I chose Carpentry.

Over the years I have had the pleasure of learning all aspects of building from renovating and new home construction.

As a Journeyman you are constantly learning as well as working with Apprentices and sharing with them the knowledge of your trade. My plan now is to take that onsite training experience and with the help of the PIDP become an instructor at a trade school.

More than work I do enjoy playtime! Summer is mostly dedicated to bike rides and camping trips to mountain bike destinations. I have been Snowboarding for most of my life and still enjoy that as well as cross country skiing.

It’s go time!

So here I am,first time blogger,long time doubter.

I honestly never thought in a million years that I would be writing a Blog.

When I first began reading through my assignments for my recently started PIDP 3100 and came across Assignment 2: Foundations of Adult Education Blog I was like, “Oh Dang! How is a Guy like me going to get into something like that!?” Well no time like the present to find out, “Pitter patter lets get at ‘er !”

Now that the initial shock and quick cold sweat has passed it is time to evolve. Starting this course is something I have been talking about and putting off for quite some time but its happening now. I have to embrace all of it, including Blogging.

Thanks for your time.